Vitamin C Supplement to Improve Animal Immunity and Disease Resistance



Ascorbic Acid

Natural Vitamin Sources

Vitamin C Pure (100%) is an essential Vitamin especially designed for Poultry and Pigs to minimize the effect of heat stress caused by environmental temperature (excessive heat or cold), fear, disease, handling, starvation, toxicity, social interactions, vaccination, crowding, beak trimming, forced moulting and nutritional stress. Supplementation of ascorbic acid improves growth, egg production and hatchability feed efficiency, egg weight, shell quality and livability during heat stress.



  • ASCOR works as an excellent antioxidant and protects The animal cells from free Radicals.
  • ASCOR improves animal immunity to some infectious and contagious diseases and as well as reduces the stress under severe disease and unfavorable environmental conditions.
  • ASCOR is most suitable to control blood loss in the following conditions (Coccidiosis, Debeaking, Hemorrhagic ulcers in the intestines, Necrotic enteritis and Infectious bursal isease).
  • ASCOR involves in collagen biosynthesis to strengthen the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons.
  • ASCOR Combats the Effects of Heat-Stress, Cold-stress and Disease Stress Factors.
  • ASCOR Acts as an Anti-Oxidant and as Photo protectant.
  • ASCOR Alleviates Nutritional Stress.
  • ASCOR Acts as Pro-oxidant and Improves Resistance to Infections.
  • ASCOR Facilitates Wound Healing and Involves in Maintenance.
  • ASCOR Boosts ‘Immune System’



Chicks & Growers:  5-6g/100 birds/day 7-10 days

During Coccidiosis and IBD conditions: 20g/100 birds/day (or) as advised by a Poultry Consultant.