Protects the animals from the Dehydration, Anxiety and Stress



Calcium Glaciate          : 15G

Sodium Chloride           : 15G

Elemental sodium        : 11G

Calcium Lactate            : 18G

Magnesium Sulphate   : 12G

Elemental potassium   : 35G

Sodium Bicarbonate    : 35G

Sodium Citrate              : 55G

Ascorbic acid                 : 12G

Potassium chloride      : 35G

               As ambient temperature increases, birds start to pant to get rid of the heat load by evaporation. Evaporative heat loss through panting is the most important mechanism to control body temperature under heat stress. However, panting is accompanied with increases in respiratory rates. The increased respiratory rate causes higher losses of CO2 and results in increased blood pH and disruption of acid-base balance. When this balance is altered towards alkalosis or acidosis, metabolic pathways are diverted to homeostatic regulation rather than used for supporting growth. Moreover, under heat stress, birds lose more water (through panting and urine) than they do when they are in the thermal comfort zone.



  • ELECTROL protects the animals from the dehydration, anxiety and stress by balancing of all body parameters.
  • Supplementation of ELECTROL keeps the animal system in active condition and helps in rapid growth.
  • ELECTROL improves the appetite and nutrient absorption rate.
  • Maintenance of fluid balance by adjusting the volume of water intake, mainly by drinking more or less fluid.
  • Promotion of neuromuscular function by helping in transmission of nerve impulse, establishing resting membrane potential, action potentials in nervous and muscle tissue.
  • Regulation of acid-base balance by maintaining the blood pH in a range of 7.35-7.45.
  • Facilitation of enzyme reactions by taking part in biochemical reactions in the body.




1 Kg. Mixed in each MT of Prepared Feed or as directed by the  consultant